Make Updating Cladding Your Next Home Handyman Job

Cladding is becoming an ever increasingly popular choice for both interior décor and an exterior finish and we can completely understand why this is, it’s not only beautiful and durable but environmentally friendly and super sustainable as well! Just take a look around outside and we are sure you will start beginning to notice how so many different types of buildings exteriors are being completed with cladding. It’s great on new houses and projects but also a simple, interesting but economically friendly way to give an old house a well needed and no doubt much deserved face lift.

external cladding


It is not just beautiful on the outside of houses but is just as brilliant on the interior of a home as well. It’s a great way to follow the trend of bringing the outside in. Untreated the wood can give a rustic, urban, somewhat edgy but a very natural look to any room. Whereas treated wood gives the impression of simple wholesomeness and just an overall very warm and traditional look. The current cladding trend is so different and versatile, it is definitely set to start to become a classic staple of both interior design and architectural design alike for a long time to come.   


You might be catching yourself thinking, oh but what about the weather!? Surely if where I live is prone to bad rain and cold harsh winters, the elements will eventually have a bad effect on the wood leading to many problems. Well in some cases we have to tell you this maybe the truth, but only if for example your local hadyman has not done a good job, who uses the wrong type of wood for the climate where your house is and has no idea about how to treat it or care for it afterwards and in the future. But if you pick us at Daniel’s Carpentry and Maintenance Solutions for the job, you can rest assured that you will have absolutely nothing to worry about as we are skilled, reliable and experienced handymen who know our timber! With our expertise your cladding will weather beautifully and will last throughout the years, exactly the way it should!

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