4 Considerations For Timber Floor Installation

termite damage repairsTimber floors can be a good financial investment for when you’re undergoing home maintenance on your house. To be honest, it can have a large effect on it aesthetically. As you would expect, installing timber floors requires strong attention to detail and old fashion hard work. There are some things that you will need to seriously think about, to achieve the best results.

Let’s go over some of the important points to think about when undertaking this project:

Choose the Right Colours

Keep in mind that flooring will consume a large area of your home. So, you need to ensure that it will match with everything in your home.

Try to take a look at your surrounding interiors, from your furnishings, windows, walls and other elements. Soon after, try to see exactly what kind of floor covering would match them. Be certain that these colours won’t clash. If you currently have a particular design in mind, ensure that the colours would match your design as well.

Identify the Size

Do a careful assessment of your floor area and try to see what specific floor boards would suit best. You’ll need to determine whether it will be the usual 80mm-wide floor boards, or larger floor boards, such as the 130mm to 180mm. For some advice on what size floor boards you should purchase, ask your local handyman or carpenter for assistance.


Select the Right Wood Grade

Normally, suppliers would provide you with 3 timber grades, particularly: light feature, moderate feature, and heavy feature. Light feature timbers are those that are a bit cleaner and have fewer knots and veins, while heavy function woods will typically have a more “aged” appearance.


Yes, you can always go “green” by using recycled timber floors. Flooring drawn from old piers and warehouses can be remarkably durable and they’re definitely environmentally friendly. You can ask your timber provider for a moisture test, in order to ensure that the recycled floors you’re preparing to buy can in fact still get the job done.

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