Timber Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Wanting to rip out that old stained carpet? Or ripping up that worn out looking laminate that you have had for 10 years? Timber flooring would be a perfect replacement for those. It has a beautiful natural look to it. Installing timber floors can be a great investment for your house. There are many different kinds of timber flooring to choose from. There is always an option for everyone.


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Softwood floors are made usually with a creative pattern on them or unique color. They can be a statement piece for the home. It provides a softer flooring for those who want some cushion in their step. Softwood is not recommended for those in a high moisture area, causing the wood to be less durable.


Hardwood is the most popular of choices out of the two. There are many different kinds of hardwood floors to choose from. There are many different types of stains and plank sizes to be able to customize your home the way you like. Harwood can be more costly, but it is known to be more durable and long lasting over time.


Distressed wide planks are great if you are going for the appearance of a rustic look. It gives a feeling of great craftsmanship and quality. The light, worn color will make the room feel more open. The wide planks will give the room a beautiful, fresh new look.


Pine has been a very popular choice of wood for many years. Reclaimed pine is a great eco- friendly option that you can choose. Often the wood comes from older buildings and it can give your home a warm feeling and also make it look luxurious.


A white stain on hardwood flooring can be a nice twist in a house. The white can help showcase bold colored furniture and decor. The white can also have a gray stain through it to make it a little more contemporary. It gives a room an antique feel, that some will love. It can bring more light to the room and help it have an open feel.


On the other hand, dark flooring is becoming a popular trend. Dark espresso and even ebony are becoming popular hardwood colors. The dark is very eye catching with light colored furniture. It gives a warm feel to the room and offers some unique character. This also gives your room a contemporary look and a certain modern feel. Some even will mix the white stain floor in one room and put the darker floor in another room to create that eye catching contrast.


Getting new floors is a very exciting process but you want to make sure you are choosing the right options for your home. There are many factors to consider when getting the floors installed such as color, plank size, and design. Knowing what kind of look and design you want your house to have is important in choosing the flooring. Whether you need a durable option since you have pets and children, or you crave the soft feeling under your feet. Or you want a bright open look, or something a little darker to go with your light furniture. No matter what it is there is an option out there for your home.


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