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5 Types of Pergolas To Consider For Your Home Renovation

Adding a Pergola to the landscape of your backyard can improve the aesthetics of your home. A pergola is a frame structure used outside usually in the design of an arch made out of wood or metal. They were created to have vines and plants trained through the openings. It is perfect for the opening of a garden, a walkway, or a sitting area. A pergola is also great to use as a covering for an open passageway or terrace. There are many different types that can be designed to give your yard a new fresh look.


pergola builder

Steel Pergola


Steel pergolas are a great addition to a backyard. The steel is used in the beams to create the pergolas. This type of material used in construction is great for people who live in extreme weather. The beams are very strong and will help protect against rain, snow, and high winds. It also gives off a very modern feel to the homes design. A steel design will help it stay secure and long lasting.


Open Top Pergola


These are the type of pergolas that are going to be great for someone who wants to add some additional privacy to their backyard. If you have a nosey neighbor, or live really close to someone this is a great way to block that area off. It has no roof cladding attached to it. Adding an open top pergola can add a great look and feel to your backyard as well.


Solar Panel Pergola


Solar panels have been gaining popularity for some time now. Some do not like the idea of attaching it to their roof. Having a pergola is a great way to be able to attach the solar panels to them. It is like having a two in one, since you can have the beautiful design plus provide energy to your home.


Sail Pergolas


Sail style pergolas looks exactly like it sounds, a sail ship or boat. It is great to have in your yard, especially if it is sunny where you live, because it provides a great deal of shade. They can pull out over your head to help protect from the sun. Great to have also if you are one to throw parties, since guests can relax from the hot sun.


Pitched Style Pergola


Most styles of pergolas have a flat roof, but the pitched one has a pointed roof. A pointed roof is a great and unique style to have, depending on the kind of look you are going for. This can make your backyard stand out and have a great look and feel to it, and not to mention, is exciting to show off to friends and family. They also provide great air flow at the bottom, which can help on a hot day. Another great feature is when it rains it can flow off the roof rather that fall through or get puddled up.


There are many different styles and types of pergolas, they are very customisable and can fit the design to most backyards. Having one on your property can also increase the value of your home, which is a great thing if you are trying to sell. It is important to have the right one installed for your needs. There are many different kinds to choose from that will fit what you are looking for.


Don’t forget to check out some of our pergola building projects here.

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