The Classically Cool Man Cave

Sometimes people just need that exclusive space to hang out and relax in their homes, a refuge from everyday turmoil’s where you can simply enjoy what you love. Whether it’s a soundproofed basement to rock out in, a games room complete with retro arcade machines or a private bar to relax with a cold one after work and watch the football with your friends. As cool and as fun all these ideas may sound there’s also a healthy psychological aspect to having your own designated place to do as you will.

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Man caves (or women caves, no gender bias here) can work pretty much anywhere in your house like the classic basement bar set-up, attic, garage… and even the bathroom! The idea of the man cave has not only become more and more popular over the years, but it is also very much achievable with right handyman like us at Daniel’s Carpentry and Maintenance Solutions on your side you can’t go wrong. There is plenty of opportunity to create something completely original, a room that is yours from wall to wall. But is not necessarily essential by just tweaking a few little things here and there you can have a huge effect on a room transforming it in to the coolest cave around. Despite what the name “man cave” may suggest, it can be a functional room in your home that everyone in the family can occasionally enjoy, as well as the man of course. If you’ve been pondering the idea of transforming a room in your house into your very own cave, here’s some tips and tricks on how to get started and importantly see the project through to the end.


Start taking inspiration from whatever appeals to you whether it’s your local sports bar or even photos of man caves you have seen online. Most importantly find a great carpenter or handyman like us, we will help you get a game plan in place, strategize and Brainstorm.  A brilliant starting point is thinking about your budget, talk to us about what you plan to spend. From here we can begin to figure out where in your home your man cave is going to be. As well as coming up with a theme (if that’s the route you are taking) colours, materials, any focal points you have in mind and just any ideas you want to have included. 


Depending upon how you want to make your man cave your own, allow room to incorporate some of the following great suggestions and common man cave items – A refrigerator is a classic in any cave to store those icy cold beers and cool refreshing soft drinks too. Seating whether it be recliners or large leather sofas are important for comfort and functionality of the room. Music is a must for many a man cave and a jukebox is a fun retro way to enjoy your favourite tunes. Sports memorabilia and wall art to make the room well and truly your own. If exercise is your thing and if “you even lift bro” then a designated area for weightlifting or gym equipment will be right up your caves alley. Entertainment of any kind including but not limited to a large flat screen television, pool table, and ping pong table and so on for when you’re entertaining. And the favourite of many with a man cave. A bar! To relax with friends and family or even just spend some no doubt much deserved time with yourself.


As you can see there’s so many elements and decisions to crafting the perfect cave, that’s why it’s always great to have friendly professionals like us on your side while tackling such a big and occasionally complicated task. It will be well worth the little bit of planning and work when you’re left with your own little personal piece of paradise!

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